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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

RADIO CONTESTS: Avoiding the busy signal tips

Winning phone-in radio station prizes are difficult. I have heard time and time again people tell me, I can NEVER get through, how do you do it???

Even if I spend the time explaining to them, what are the chances they actually try my methods? Slim to none. Fact is, most people give up relatively quickly. A few busies and they are off to do something else. Known as contest ADD.

A few tips and tricks you might consider next time you want to win a specific prize from a station.

1) Find out the length of time they'll be running the contest
2) Increase chances, avoid peak listener hrs (commuter times 8-9am & 4-6pm).
3) Pay attn to specific caller #'s and time it out (caller 20 = under 1.5min generally)

Following these tips with radio station contests will not only increase your opportunities in winning dramatically, and likely help you win soon!

More tips on phone-in radio station contests soon. Until then, good luck and happy winning!

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